At Writing Coaches of Montana, we are proud to bring together community members from diverse backgrounds who care about students and their learning.

Now that we've added online coaching to our programming, coaches can stay connected and support public school students in remote learning settings.

We are so thankful for your service, writing coaches!

If you are interested in becoming a writing coach, please contact Executive Director Cassie Sheets at

How to Access Google Meet for Appointments

In this video, coaches will learn how to access Google Meet
and connect with
students for their appointments.

How to Use
Google Meet

In this video, coaches will learn how to use Google Meet and its features.

FAQ for Coaches - How to Use Writing Coaches Online updated March 2021.pdf

FAQ for Coaches

This FAQ document contains questions and answers for conducting online appointments. If you have further questions, contact your Regional Director or Executive Director Cassie Sheets.

Additional Resources

2021 WCM Coaching Guidelines.pdf

Guidelines for Successful Coaching

Writing Coaches of Montana's best practices for coaching

Join a Google Meet video meeting from Gmail

How To video created by
Google Workspace

Google Meet Quick Start.pdf

Google Meet Cheat Sheet

One-page, Google-created resource for Google Meet